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Turnkey Projects

We are the pioneer in carrying out several Turnkeys for High Voltage Power Cable System project ranging from 69 Kv up to 230 Kv for Underground & Overhead Line. The contract has been executed on Civil, Engineering, Installation, and Testing & Commissioning basis for clients with highest technical standards. Each project is accompanied by an economic analysis so that the customer can opt for the most efficient work. .The technique is analyzed in every case on instructions provided by the cable manufacturer.

Project Organization

We will assign a Project Manager and Project Staff with many years of valuable experience are fully qualified in the field of power cable, consists of the following :

Project Manager

The Project Manager will report directly to the General Manager and will associate between the project and other departments in the home office. He will be responsible for overall control of the project, for maintaining the schedule and for implementing programs to accelerate the work.He will be responsible for preparation and submittal of all project reports. He will work hand to hand with the Project Engineer in planning the day to day activities of the work crews. The Project Manager will assist and lead the project staff in their responsibility throughout the duration of the work. He will be delegated all necessary authority to make day to day decisions in relations to the project.

Project Engineer

The Project Engineer reports directly to the Project Manager and will be responsible for assisting the project manager in planning and organizing the day to day activities of the project, for close coordination with the entire Project Staff. He will keep the project manager fully aware of work progress through the regular daily meeting. He will use the chart schedule and planning guide to assist in all decisions pertaining to the work.

Site Manager

The Site Manager will have responsibility for the planning and execution of day to day activities on site. He will report directly to the project manager. He will be supported by necessary staff to coordinate the delivery of materials to site as needed, to layout the work prior to execution. He will bear responsibility for quality workmanship. The site manager will be an experienced man who is well versed in all construction activities which are required to complete this project in a timely manner.

Electrical Engineer

The Electrical Engineer will report to the Project Engineer and will be responsible for all matters regarding the installation, splicing of the cable. He will maintain all records of cable installation, splicing, and test reports. He will update the Cable Installation staff with the work and schedule.

Installation Staff

We have skilled technicians with many years of valuable experience are fully qualified in the field of power cable. This staff takes responsibility for the safe handling and installation of cables then performs the jointing and terminations. The technique is influenced in each case by instructions provided by the cable manufactures. All Installation staff is certified and approved by the Cable Accessories Manufacturer.

Civil Works

In addition to the excavation of cable trenches, construction of cable galleries, piping, horizontal directional drilling and backfilling, we are capable of all kind of civil works related to cable system installation.

Cable Laying

Cable laying is one of the most crucial works at site. In order not to encounter any problems, excavation and piping must have been done. First, the drum is placed at the proper side of the route according to the slope. Then, cable pulling winch having an appropriate power level is placed on the opposite side. Cable rollers are placed in order to prevent the cable contacts the ground. With a proper steel rope and applying the proper power, cable laying is carried out. In case of demand, experienced staff may supervise the contractor’s cable laying works.

Jointing and Terminating

Jointing and terminating are high precision works and are to be handled by experienced staff, All Joints and terminations are installed by experienced jointers in the clean environment according to the installation instructions. As an accessories manufacturer, We are able to install all kinds of high voltage cable accessories.

Testing & Commissioning

The whole system is tested by the HV/AC test after the performance of site tests. After the successful performance of the field tests and the HV / AC test, the site is surveyed with the customer and any deficiencies are remedied.